I am yet to meet a woman who does not smile knowingly or even laugh outloud when viewing Spike. “Für die schönheit muß man leiden” —  “For beauty, one must suffer.”

The fashion industry only seduced me into wearing too-high heels for a short time in my life. It was a long time ago, yet I do have a strong physical memory of how my feet felt after walking an unplanned distance or standing longer than anticipated in them. Most of the fondness I felt for their delicate feminimity soon vanished—almost a love-hate relationship, with pain casting the final vote.

Spike is a multi-component, interactive sculpture, offering many viewing possibilities. When all of the black, orange, yellow, and white “pins” are removed, Spike is somewhat of a trompe l’oeil with the raised black dots disguising its holes. The pins at first glance so seem to be playful pain indicators. Yet, because the pins are pointed on both ends, when we place them into Spike, can we feel also a wee bit of revenge?

Selected for:
Humor in Craft, Schiffer Publishing (2012)
SolePurpose II, Denver, CO (2009)

Porcelain; 5.5" h x 8" w x 2" d