Changeable Views

Changeable Views is a very modular work: the windows may be left open or up to four of the twelve tiles may be inserted to create a large number of views. The tiles have colors on one side and patterns of black and white on the reverse. Although the tiles were lined up flat and adjacent to each other when a number of colored glazes were applied (so there is a possible "order'' to the tiles), the tiles "dialogue" and create interest in any number of combinations.
Metaphorically, windows offer the opportunities to look outward, inward, more deeply, and in new directions. The interactive play possible in this piece is intended as a meditation for its audience.

Selected for:
2nd Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramic Competition, St. Paul , MN (2008)

Porcelain window structure & base: 15½w x 6”h x 4½d