A sculptural ball in socket, Transformer offers potential divination (prophesy/fortune-telling) using six Runes, each of very “positive” meaning. Probably subliminally inspired by the Magic Eight Ball of my youth, the symbols that can be turned to appear on the top of the ball guarantee only a favorable outcome! (The ball is nearly trapped, but can be released from the socket if rotated to one certain angle.) The runes included represent:

        Day: Rune of Transformation (breakthrough, radical change)
        The sun: Rune of Energy and Revelation (wholeness, light, energy, victory, discovery)
        Joy: Rune of Joy (happiness, light, emotional satisfaction)
        An angel: Rune of Peace and Harmony (harmony, approval, unity, peace, love)
        Elk sedge or possibly Pinewoods: Rune of Protection
            and opportunity (opportunity for growth, development, protection, safe refuge)
        Yew tree: Rune of Defense (magic, deflection, prevention)

Porcelain; 6"h x 7"w

Private collection